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Electrical Storms

I’m going to get a little deep here, but it’s not like you guys can’t take it… bare with me.

If you consider human beings as simply a smaller scale version of the universe (and humans as cells within that universe) it stands to reason that when we act within ourselves, each other, and our environment, there are reactions similar to that which occur in nature, they just manifest themselves differently.  I think mankind falls short on this kind of knowledge, because if he did have a deeper understanding of himself, and his effects on his environment, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

And what a mess…..

Got shit all done at The Spot last night, except for some really good talking, and as usual, very enjoyable time together.  We enjoy each other’s company tremendously, no matter what’s going on, which is something I find extremely satisfying.  I’d hate to spend time with a bunch of people who’se company I don’t enjoy.  The guys are nothing if not entertaining…

Even when they’re down.  With the number of no-shows we’ve been having lately because of all kinds of things, morale is getting kind of low…. and it’s taking greater and greater motivation to get anyone excited enough about anything to take action… but someone has to…

And I have to wonder who that will be…..

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