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Episode III

Well, it’s finally here folks!  The long awaited, much anticipated, fully G-Rated, Episode III!

It’s funny how events repeat themselves over and over again, and they happen so fast sometimes you don’t get the opportunity to capture the lesson that you were supposed to learn the first time (or… if you’re like me, you can’t hold your focus on details because you are too busy taking in the bigger picture).  This time, lesson learned.

So many choices, so little time.  So little time in which to make so many choices.  It’s really a large concept.  There are several topics burning in my chest at the moment, one of which makes me want  to commit savage murder, …  and another make passionate love, and the other…which I’m choosing to write about…

Makes me choke on my words…  

So I finally sang some Bob.  I was nervous that I’d try too hard to match his voice (I could swear, that of all the vocalists I can cover, he is probably my closest match, accent and all).   Although I love the sound of his voice, we are trying to find MY voice, and I’m struggling with it, although after some pretty fun experimentation the other night, we’ve discovered that I have hidden talents, and that I’m also capable of tapping into, and chanelling my emotions during a performance.  (This has been a concern of mine since the beginning, we’ve all seen how emotional I can be).

I sang Pictures of you, and as inspiration I remembered what it was like to stand next to him, that fateful evening.  

The weather was stormy as I drove nervously down the highway, on my way to do god knows what.  But I did it.

And I hope you get what it felt like, cause I was almost in tears singing it…and THAT… feels really good.

And just to give you a hint of what’s coming up next… I’ll be covering a 70’s classic…if you’ve been around long enough, I’m sure you can guess which one… *giggles*  You’re gonna love this…lol.

And on that note, those are my comments on Episode III.  I hope you enjoy it.

I know it’s completely different from what it was, and to tell the truth, it’s how Kevin and I originally envisioned it.   It’s a lot less documentary, and alot more reality.

I couldn’t let this moment pass  without giving HUGE credit where it’s due.  Kevin, my husband, father of my children, producer, director, coach,  webmaster, cameraman, bodyguard, housekeeper, and my best friend.  

Our sincere and hearfelt thanks to all those who made this moment possible:

 A for her skills, equipment, patience, drive (and drive(s)),
The Symptom for being all that they are (and The Spot, and the beers, and, and, and…),
Newspaper Taxi for giving us plenty to talk about,
And Cat and Rat, for their love, support, pictures, and treats.

And our audience… for the inspiration.


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