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Episode X

On my way to the first meeting for the Misfits shoot.  I wish I was more excited, but I’m getting quite used to this, so it feels more like just another job.

I hate doing other people’s bidding…


Doing my own bidding is frequently a pain in the ass too.


in case any of you  noticed, we quietly put up episode X last week, to rave reviews.  Feels good to know that people get to it before I trumpet the news.


This episode required no trumpeting.

It’s intense, gripping, and highly dramatic…. And very intimate.

This episode was extremely taxing on us, for many obvious reasons, because of the emotions involved.

I haven’t been able to watch it  yet.

My  kudos to my husband and editor for his painstaking attention and sensitivity during editing (and thanks to Rob for his feedback).

I’m not sure when I will watch the episode.  I am normally a big fan of our work, and it’s not that I don’t think it’s good… to me, it’s just one of thousands of other memories I would rather just forget.


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