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Eye contact…

I’ve been trying to venture a guess as to how much eye contact has to do with communication…  If you get lost in someone’s eyes… does that mean you finally get to the truth?

What happens when you get lost in their words instead?  Learning to communicate effectively has got to be the most frustrating exercise of a lifetime, despite the fact that I have studied, and taught English, as well as French for most of my life.  I was able to read newspapers upside down when I was 4, I remember it, and I’m sure even my parents would attest to that fact.


So, since my mother has seen fit to accuse me of living footloose and fancy free, I figure I’ve now paid for the crime, now I’m committing it.  Tomorrow is footloose and fancy free day here at Ante-Rockstar…. I’ll be blogging all day long people, collecting kudos for charity.  Let’s see how many we can drum up shall we?

And for those who would like to reach me, I’m easiest to get on email at

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