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Falling flat….

I got asked this morning what I do first thing (after we get the babies off to school of course).

For the curious…. I rehearse.

I have every single morning for the last…. several years now. It’s a hard habit to break, and even when I try, I can’t seem to stop.

Rehearse for what? Well, for someone to decide I’m worth putting together. You see, my pieces are pretty scattered….

Although considering everything I’ve got going on, I think I’m pretty together. And at the end of the day, as a vocalist, my only REAL concern should be my voice… the rest of it is just trimming.

I love how I get criticized for production values that don’t subscribe to the commonly held opinion of what is aesthetically appealing.

Has no one any appreciation for the esoteric anymore?

I particularly love how I am criticized for moral values that don’t subscribe to the commonly held definition of what I should be…

As if eroticism holds no mystery….


Speaking of mysteries, I’ve been having to ask myself why I wasn’t able to cut loose on that there rug at the CATL show. I didn’t really put on the toe tappin me as I have in times past, something I feel bad about, cause Al from Coletrain was there, and had asked for this treat for his birthday.

My apologies for a flat performance Al, I’ve been criticized for hamming up other people’s stages, and I didn’a wanna upstage the boys (and the new girl!) at their very own release party!

I was also much more interested in taping… it’s what I’ve been trained to do *giggles*

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