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For every action…

there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I spent the day yesterday isolated from most of the world. This doesn’t happen often, I am a very social girl, by nature and by necessity, seeing how large (and ever growing) my family is. It’s even more interesting I find a way to get away at all.

But I did. I retreated into my room, remade my nest (it was a mess), and refreshed my memory as to what the hell I’m doing here with a solid 8 hour dose of Tudors. Those people knew how to play the game.

Especially one Katherine of Aragon. I admire that woman for so many reasons, not the least of which was her solid understanding of her calling, her nature, and her control of her faculties.

I watched Katherine yesterday proudly deliver one of the most humble confessions I have ever heard, then I watched her let her confessor off the hook in breaking that seal, then I watched her throw herself at the mercy of one man, again, proudly, and then walk with her head high out of a room full of people who hated her very guts. That… which makes her her.

Out to a cheering crowd of people who understood, what a queen should be, and loved her for being exactly that.


Saturday night was interesting to say the least. It’s all a social experiment with me, and I am always nervous when putting my thumb over the spout, and shaking the bottle, but hey, we all have our callings.

An interesting smattering of people showed up, not too many of which were already known to me. Despite my own dejection at the bullying I suffered leading up to this blessed event, I was able to muster a smiling face, and a friendly demeanour.

Some people mustered much more than that. We had some guests arrive, some of whom were unknown to me. As a good hostess, it is always good to know who is attending your party. Introductions were made, backgrounds obtained.

Donations received.

I made a point to sit down with each of our guests, a couple of whom expressed a serious interest in Shibari. I unfortunately took slight offense to the use of the term “publicity stunt” but managed to gracefully point out the size of the small crowd, and it’s obvious lack of impact in that respect.

Sex sells, maybe.

Midnight came along and began our performance. It is at this point, and until I am awoken, that I lose mental touch with all except the rope, and others take over in my place. I’m told that there was a mezmerized group of individuals bearing witness, and we remained undisturbed in our space until Lexi pulled me up.


It is at this point that I am bound supinelike and make my rounds through the building. I encounter many stares, the odd glare, and a whole bunch of smiling faces. How could you not smile at me? I’m smiling wider than anyone in the building.

I do this till I can no longer tolerate the sensation, and am unbound.

Another elation.

And then the whole room comes undone. Apparently a small group of individuals decided that kissing was the order of the day (which led to groping, and then in one case fondling).

At one point, I was headed to the bathroom and noticed that it was already full with 4 young ladies (and a group of three young men hanging outside in the hallway). So, I venture in like the Lady of the house should to investigate, when I am pulled into a dark bathroom, and there are now four pairs of hands groping at my tits, and one young lady’s tongue in my mouth.

Ok, says I. This is interesting.

The lights turn on and the leader of our little pack says to me “how old are you hon?”

Smarmily says I…. “guess”

“25!” Says she vainly…

Ahaha… says I… I’m 37.

That makes you my daughter.


Fast forward to the end of the evening where we are getting coats and assembling departure parties, and I’m told there’s a problem with a crying girl…. and a breach of trust.

I wander over to the bar where one of my previously unbeknownstd to me young men is berating his young lady for kissing the wrong person. This was the group who had been kissing everything and anyone who crossed their path, male or female, all night long.

This young lady had apparently erred and stepped outside the group.

For this our young lad was verbally berating her, and went about calling her a cunt.

Not on my watch.

I put an end to that right quick, and made sure to let her know that she was NOT to take that shit from anyone. EVERYONE makes mistakes, and when you expect to hold the lead the first thing you do is examine what YOU have done wrong to bring about this situation, and what YOU can do to put an end to it.

Maybe next time they go out as a group they will re-draw the boundaries so everyone is a little clearer on what’s ok and what’s not ok. Hard to tell sometimes where that line is…..

Especially when no one stands up to draw it.

I had fun, and I think I might do that again sometime.

Many thanks to my new friend Amanda for the clothing donation, if I find you on here I’ll hook you up with a doorprize.

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