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Friendship is a bloody scar on your back….


On the topic of body modification, as some of you may know, I had a
cutting done on my right hand shoulder last week. I had the chinese
symbol for friendship engraved. I didn’t chose the mark, the
markswoman did :).

Some people might find this all a little shocking. Spilling blood
happens everyday, but somehow as a society, we still harbour a fear of

Well, if you’re woozened by the sight of blood, I recommend you stop
reading here.


My 6 year old however, is not so squeamish. I had the pic below up on
my msn, and as he walked by the computer, he asked me what it was, was
it a picture of my scar (it’s hard for them not to notice a large bobo
on my back).

I said, ya, that’s my scar. Then he asked me what it meant. I told him

So now Lucas thinks Frienship is a bloody scar on your back. And
truly, if you’re a good friend, and you really grasp what friendship
means…. it’s oh so true. It gets mighty hazardous watching other
people’s backs you know. I’ve had quite a few friendships leave deep
marks on me in many different ways.

But *always* marks worth bearing … otherwise, how would you really
know you were here?

I can’t wait till it heals :)

“Just look over your shoulder… I’ll be there always” – Phil Collins

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