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From a different perspective…

An outtake from a partisan debate I had online this morning….. My responses are without quotations.

“Facebook does not translate to popular support… It is very easy to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook to click accept… “

If you knew ANYTHING at all about developing RELATIONSHIPS online, you’d know this to be untrue. Getting people to “accept” or even READ your invitation, is a hurculean feat, and they have to be emotionally committed in some way to do so.

“Even Obama’s people will tell you Social Media did not win them the last election. We are more interested in delivering tangible results that the average Canadian will actually feel as opposed to partisan debate online….”

Yes, the great experiment. Maybe once more Canadians realize that perhaps they know something their big brethren in the states don’t, we will discover something new. Tangible change, that Canadians will actually feel in their chests.

Partisan debate made this country great pal, don’t knock it.

“You can’t argue with facts and results.. “

See above.

“Remember national news outlets, national pollsters and opinion researchers don’t report on what is happening on Facebook as it is compromised data”

Hahaha…. I quote “this is the BTN, our job is to report the news, not fabricate it, that’s the GOVERNMENT’s job”

And now the people are….

1 thought on “From a different perspective…”

  1. What I hope to instill is not only a campaign based use for the media, but an ongoing communications management tool. Touching people daily, even with the slightest thought, keeps you in the forefront of their minds… just like traditional media, except this media talks back so you know what it’s thinking….ALL the time.

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