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Fuck this.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written in this journal.  I stopped because I was being haunted by people who just refused to let me move on.

So I did.  I moved on to myspace... I moved on to facebook...  I even tried building myself a place, but that one doesn’t function half as well as this one does.  Welcome me back livejournal, I’ve missed you.  You’ve always been just about the words, no gobbledygook about broadcasting, or publishing, or marketing, or audience, or anything stupid like that.  You’ve always been just about the words.  And the feelings.

It’s time to get back to basics…. we’re nearing completion on production of Season III, and it’s time.

I didn’t imagine in the begining how extremely big this story would become, or how many people it would touch, in what ways, least of all me.

I’m a changed woman, but I’m also a woman who understands just WHAT has changed.

And all it’s been has been my perspective.  I can’t wait to start sharing it again here.

I have a hangover right now tho… so it’ll have to wait till later.  Just was antsy to get started.

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