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For those of you who have an interest in my encounter with Gloria Steinem, please link here.

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red stockings…

So, I went to see Gloria Steinem speak last night.  I was kinda humming and hawwing before I went cause I hadn’t been able to obtain any one on one time with her (she was not granting any press access).

So, although it didn’t quite go the way I would have liked, and to be honest, neither was Gloria all that I expected she might be, I was still grateful to have partaken of her knowledge.  The theme of the lecture was “An evening of wisdom with Gloria Steinem” and I wasn’t disappointed.  Aside from a little technical glitch or two, I could hear her well, no one was crowded, and the room was nice and still.  Gloria spoke for about an hour or so, and we didn’t stay for the question and answer period.  Although this would have been the only opportunity for me to interact directly with her, I preferred to keep my question to myself for now, and save it for another moment.  

This marvelous lady, all of 72 thank you very much, is shy believe it or not?  I don’t know if she was always like this (one would doubt it from seeing some of the footage and work of her youth) but last night at times she almost seemed to not being able to quite hammer out what she wanted to say, perhaps for fear of being misunderstood (misstepping), of judged on one’s prior acts (letting go of our image of who she is).  After all, this isn’t the golden age of feminism anymore, we realized a long time ago that the only thing you get from burning your bra is having to find another guy to buy you one (I used to think it was just saggy tits, and that’s true too).  

Now if only they would make a bra that I didn’t want to burn… but I digress.

The Synagogue, for those of you who have never been (YAY!!!  Cross that one off the list) was a nice place, not terribly intimate but nice for large gatherings, and a perfect setting for the tone of the night.  The light fixtures were one of my favorite parts, and Jen noticed alot of the stained glass.  In any case, I had been excited to see the inside of a synagogue, and lo, doesn’t it look just like a church…. *sighs*… makes you want to believe in “You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all”.  The Shapiro family do an excellent job of keeping their community thriving and alive.  The place was packed, the information interesting, and it got us all out for a walk in the night air.  The streets are nicely cleaned out in Cote St-Luc (with the exception of the inconsiderate bastard who didn’t clean up after his dog), but the parking was a bitch.  We circled quite a few times looking for somewhere to park.  Montreal would do well to start making some green P’s like they have in Toronto.  Would go a long way to saving people gas, time, money, not to mention the idling cars in the environment…

So, to recap some of the wisdom which Ms. Steinem shared with us last night (served up with a heaping helping of anecdotal evidence, which sometimes seemed to overshadow the topic), she sees the human race at a point in history where we face the following challenges:

1.  We need to unlearn.  She discussed the sociological aspects of higher education, and it’s impact on the feminine, and how it is perceived in society, and by the feminine themselves.
2. We need to understand that we are born with both shared, and unique human traits, and that we will not learn to embrace our instincts, and control them, until we do.
3. We need to acknowledge the similarities in weight with our differences.
4. We need to accept that humans are communal creatures.
5. We need to accept that the means IS the end.

So, a little more wax on the philosophy, and little less flash & run.  If that’s the brand of -ism that Gloria’s touting now, well, sounds good to me.

She gave a little dream speach at the end, and I imagine when one gives a dream speach they mean it to be powerful.  Hers was hardly the famous “I have a dream”, but I got the gist.   She did on many occasions give speaches that moved people like that, and maybe it’s not her turn to get this train moving anymore… 

Maybe it’s my turn.  So, thanks for your time last night Gloria, and thanks for sharing your wisdom throughout your life.  I wasn’t sure what to consider you before last night, but now I know… you’re a human.

You’re also an inspiration, thank you for that.

And onto my promised review of The Bachelor last night.

Ugh.  on so many levels.  I’m not a big fan of TV in general (I find the landscape vapid), but I can appreciate the medium.  Just so you know where I’m coming from.  This show is like watching arranged marriages take place in cultures which practice this custom.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s a process, and why someone would want to go through that kind of a process with a camera in their face is beyond me.

For the first part, lets get one thing straight, I’m pretty sure none of these people are acting.  They are far too goddamned honest to be lying.  It was very clear to me at least, what each of these girls and their families motives were.  Even during staged conversations, you could see the unnervedness in their eyes, the sweat glistening on their foreheads, and the shiftiness in their gaze, and attitude to KNOW, you couldn’t believe a word they were saying….Every single person on that show has a hidden agenda.

Let’s face it people, The Bachelor is just another retelling of the Love Boat, and this naval guy is Captain Stubing, and he has licence to fuck everybody on board.  At the same time.  And the prize is Fantasy Island, not the girl.  Not a single one of those girls is sincere, and by sincere I mean, is revealing all her motives for wanting to be with this guy.  How do I know?  I’m a woman…   and I’ve seen that look before.

You know… the look?  The one that makes you wanna laugh… or cry, depending what kinda mood you’re in.

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