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God only knows what I’d be…

I’ve been pondering lately… the meanings of words… how many there are…

When I write, poetry or otherwise, the second what I write gets read by someone else… it loses its meaning entirely.  Sometimes I get so confused when interacting

with people, when they don’t get what I mean.  (I find this surprising considering how open I am, and how much of myself, in words, pictures and otherwise… that I share.)

I sat on the beach the other day talking to a friend of mine, and in honesty shared with him that I feel rather alone on this planet (at most times).  Again, surprising, considering how many people I share my life with on both a public, and private basis.  How could I possibly be lonely?

Well I am…lol… frequently…. and I think it has nothing to do with quantity or quality of people in my life.  I am surrounded by the most loving, devoted, and supportive family.  I have a candle that I’ve been burning for quite some time now… it’s called “Family is a circle of friends who love you”.  I have this… a circle of friends who love me.

Yet I’m still lonely… and I know for who, and why, and how maybe those voids may never be filled….

There aren’t enough words.

I’ll be doing a duet for ya of God only knows with Brian Wilson… stay tuned.

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