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Tam has just returned home from L.A., where we were invited to pitch at the Digital Media Summit at the iHollywood forum.  This presented quite the challenge, as you know she lost her job over a month ago, so we have been diligently working to keep a roof over our head.  In the mean time we received word last Friday that we and our software provider (NetTeamConsulting) had been selected out of the applicants for a spot to pitch our concept at this conference.  This presented an excellent opportunity and just the break we needed.  The only problem being it was in L.A,. and it was on Tuesday, which gave us exactly 4 days to find airfare, accommodations, conference entrance fee and get a pitch presentation together.  All doable except for the fact that we had exactly 35$ in our account… and the rent was due, and still is, but that’s another story…

In times of need our family, the circle of friends that love us, came through.  My brother supplied airfare via his air miles, Gerry at NetTeam supplied the conference entry fee and accommodations, and Andy and his wife literally worked round the clock to finish the editing on the first episode so that it was ready, and could be premiered in Hollywood at the conference.  Her dad gave us some American $ so she could go live the high life as a rockstar in L.A..  Yeah right,  she worked her buns off and has made some excellent progress. But I don’t want to jinx anything so I’ll save those announcements until we have confirmation.  How is that for a big budget beginning?  Well that’s all the news for now, I’ll try to keep ya posted but I’m busy trying to learn to design in css and not doing very well… help.


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