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Is sitting next to you! This is the video for “Happiness is sitting next to you” by the Adopted. It’s the theme song for Season II of Anterockstar. We’re making good progress on the first episode, so stay tuned! It could go up on any minute now…

***** So, I keep promising pictures, and I’ve got tons stored up (and am taking more every day…lol). It’s hard to know which ones and why…. I love taking pictures of everyone around me, and last week we did eyes… Hard to tell what’s going on in someone’s head if you can’t see their eyes. I love showing off my eyes, and so do the kids apparently… Ladies and gentlemen, the opener to Season II of Anterockstar!!!!


Anterockstar is proudly brought to you by: I Be Te Productions (a division of B e-Communications, owners of

The Adopted appear courtesy of , One Man Industry. 

A great big thanks to our Sponsors, we couldn’t have done it without you.

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