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Happy Ides!

Well, today is the ides of march (March 15th, 1st day on the Roman calendar, 1st day of spring on the Roman calendar).

It’s also the day Julius Caesar was assasinated.

I was told by my horoscope this morning to mediate on the meaning of the “ides of march” (every month has an ides btw).  Not sure exactly why, or what aspect, but the one thing about the ides of march that make it special is the warning JC received prior to his assasination:  “BEWARE the ides of March”.

Well, how lovely, beware of what exactly?  Is someone out there trying to assasinate me?  Jeez… I’ve been living with so many character assasins in my midst, it’s hard to keep track of them…. should I be more wary of them today?

We’ll have to see.  When JC encountered the gent who had given him the warning on March 15th, he said to him “Well, the ides of March are come”. 

Indeed… and as the gent replied “Ay, but they are not gone”.

Have a safe and happy first day of spring everyone, and I’ll see you at the end of the day… that is unless someone tries to assasinate me….lol…

“When the cadaverous mob
Saves its doors for the dead men
You cannot leave”

Another tid bit of Interpol for y’all.

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