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He will be mine.

My interview with Lukas Rossi is tonite, and I can’t wait.  We’ve been researching and talking about it all week…. tee hee.  I’ve spent most of that research time opening myself to what this guy has to say.  I’ve been reading his blog ( now for a little over a month (he updates once a week).  I wouldn’t say it’s boring, but it’s repetitive…. every week we get a short “we’re on tour” post, and not the insight into a “real” rockstar’s head as we are told in the videos.  He’s making an effort at least…

I stumbled upon this gem this morning while looking for a taste of what I’ll see tonite.  Although the lighting is shit, the sound is good, and so’s the song.  Although it makes Kevin want to laugh, I kinda found it touching, especially with what’s going on in my own head these days.  If anything, he’s a kindred spirit that guy…..  despite appearances.


Our apologies for not updating earlier (shame on me, someone should hit  me with a stick).  As you all know, we’ve had a few incidents of late, which are now all coming to a head at once.   We have been picked up by!!!  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we will now be broadcasting on digital cable in the states!  We’re working out the technical specs at the moment,  but the deal is signed.  YAY!….


Other than that, we are working hard at ending the season with a band.  Episode 12 is half shot, and we’re hoping to get the track on Sunday…. if the bloody stars would align to do it.  It’s hard when the Universe won’t follow your production schedule, and you feel powerless to do anything about it.  I am under a tremendous amount of stress these days.  Keeping up with the ramifications of Frances’ little stunt last month is begining to wear on my patience.  We have been brainstorming though, and we have a plan to deal with it all.


We have also been busy shooting moments.  I brought the kids to memorial park last week for Rememberance Day.
It’s funny working with Kevin,  because I shoot footage, and then he edits it, and it never turns out the way i envisioned it,

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