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Here it comes….

“So bloom for me… so I can see you
And bloom for me… you know I need you”

Excerpt from “Bloom” Copyright Hell – 2008

How can one resist? Hell has written a new song and gracefully allowed me a copy. I know this one’s fresh, so you gotta be careful with it.

Apparently it’s getting attention too, which is awesome, and maybe you’ll all be lucky enough to hear it live in the coming year, although I don’t know that Hell has any shows booked, he’s bandless from what I know (but then again, what the fuck do I know).


So, after yesterday’s dip, I managed to salvage the day and recover and get something done. Bravo me! Although I can’t say I didn’t do it without help. I’m so grateful I have friends to anchor me.

I was up early this morning, and I’m feeling rather energetic, so now I’m back to somewhat mania… or maybe not, we’ll see how it goes. I’m just gonna enjoy the day. So far, I’ve gotten laundry done and muffins made, and stirred up a few pots….

I have to be careful, I’ve come to understand that some of my actions during states of mania lead to detrimental things (although they seem like good ideas at the time). I am getting more vocal and active in the cause for artists rights, and have been courting a certain PRO (performers rights organization) for quite some time. As we’ve seen me learn on this blog, it’s not always a good thing to name names on the internet…. When you name someone on the net, their name is forever linked with yours in that context…. and some people prefer to keep some relationships private.

I posted a excerpt from private coorespondance this morning on a public board (I was the author of the excerpt, and did not name anyone personally). I’m reprinting here for posterity.


Reposted from

alot of us here are creators of media of some type or other, mostly musical compositions, some literary, and some AV.

Talented as we all are (let’s face it, there are lotso geniuses in this community, and not solely self recognized either) none of us are making any headway in that big pie in the sky of making a living off our art. Considering the collective states of our health, mental and physical, as well as the state of our homes and relationships, and well, lifestyle in general, I wouldn’t say any of us are faring “well” as a result of our artisitic pursuits.

I came across an interesting article this morning while researching… I’m done fucking around with Socan, and the crtc, so I’m moving on to higher ground…

These people represent authors internationally, and will be holding a conference on copyright in Washington next summer… hahahahahaha

The guy had this to say:

Authors’ rights are a basic human right. That means that the least we can do when someone spends a certain number of weeks, months or years creating and perfecting an artistic work is to respect that work and the person who created it. Authors’ societies have always advocated for this respect and I don’t understand why anyone would question it. As for authors’ societies, they are principally composed of authors who joined together to collectively defend their cultural heritage, their works and their need to earn a living. Trying to defend one’s rights individually in a globalised world is impossible. Authors’ societies guarantee that we can be heard, recognised and perceived as partners even though we are infinitely weaker economically than a provider or a major telecom company.

This is an excerpt from an email I sent to my contact at Socan last week entitled “TRANSPARENCY”:

You’ve asked me to present you a value proposition. I’m it. You can have me, do what you want with me, just don’t ask me to give up my work, don’t try and make me (and by extension it) into something I’m (and by extension we’re) not.

You want immersive corporate culture? You want to motivate your staff? You want to improve your lot? Reduce your impact on the environment? Enhance your impact on the future?

You want you want you want….. tell me what you want, we can make it happen.

Can you only imagine what would happen to your traffic if you had daily updates on the industry, your activities, your achievements (however small), your plans, your hopes, your dreams (and your members careers, their activities, their achievements (however small) their plans, their hopes, their dreams) and then of course count the resultant impact of all that information and sharing and relating on all segments of all that…. well the web is awesome.

All of this in brilliant technicolor.

Do you want to command a presence?

Now imagine what that traffic would be worth to you, your members, your bottom line.


I represent the 80% of your membership that aren’t thriving, the one’s you aren’t expending $ on nurturing because you are protecting your revenue, and chasing after lost causes.

I represent the limitless pool of possible members that are dying, the ones that don’t have the resources to manage their talent, the ubringing to discipline their intellect, the saavy to maneouvre the system, the ones who have no support system, and are isolated.

They are extremely spirited, creative, productive, driven, ambitious, hungry…. and bored fucking stiff and starving, wreaking havoc in their wake.

They represent the bleeding hole in your pocket that is not going to stop bleeding until you plug it. This community struggles to survive by collaboration, sharing resources, raiding yours, hurting your bottom line, propagating their message, and compounding the damage.

I present this, all of it… in brilliant technicolor.

And it commands a presence.

Imagine what that presence does to you, your staff, your members, your bottom line.


All it takes is a bandaid to make it all go away.

Are you gonna tell me that Socan doesn’t have it in it to be flexible, bonded?

Are you gonna tell me that Socan doesn’t have it in it to risk a salary on vision?

Such a vision as the future?

Where Socan is a leader in the innovative application of artistic principles to business practices?

Where your staff are happy, fulfilled, and productive in their work?

Where they are serving a healthy, varied membership base that is active, engaged, educated, ingenious, and world renowned for it’s courageous approach to it’s future?

Where Socan is no longer referred to as Socan’t?

Comments? Opinions?


I checked with a valued opinion before posting. I edited for appropriateness… I dunno, I wonder how this will affect my relationships…….

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