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Alrighty then…. so what’s the Ante-Rockstar up to this week?

Well, we were supposed to interview Newspaper Taxi on Friday, but poor Ari got food poisoning (YUCK!), and our sitter didn’t show (I swear sometimes logistics will be the death of me!)….

But LO!  Fear not, they’re playing again this Saturday night, so we’re gonna check them out.  I’ll post details as soon as I get them.  I love it when a plan falls apart… then comes together without my even worrying about it.

Other than that… Thursday we’re in the room at the end of the hall again, and we’ve got all kinds of ideas for that.  The band we’re playing with (The Symptom… they’ll be playing The Dungeon in Oshawa on the 26th) kick ass!  They’re a heavy metal band… with a FEMALE SINGER!  I find it funny that I’m working with a band called The Symptom when I’ve been a fan of The Cure for so long *giggles*…

The rest of the week will be spent getting ready for school…. although I’ve loved spending oodles of time with the kids this summer, it’ll be good to have them back in school, and Lucas is heading into JK this year *sighs*…. the last one out the door and into the world….  Hehe… I think he may be a tad dejected though when he finds out that they don’t teach a class in Star Wars……  Lightsabre construction for beginners anyone?

I have another clip to put up…… but I’ll wait for that… see, there’s a surprise in the next clip… it’s not just me singing…….

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