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I am agog…

I am aghast… is Tamara in Love at last… I have never seen her ooh and aah…” – Paraquote – Les Miserables

I launched my first political campaign last night to an enthusiastic crowd, filled with people I have come to think of as brothers, and sisters.

I had balloons, streamers, posters (all of which simply said VOTE).

I must have met a million people, and am getting so well practiced at saying “My name is Tamara, and I’m running for Oshawa City Council” it’s starting to get fun.

Practice. Makes perfect.

Music will not relenquish this price.

I was overwhelmed.

I’m nothing but a small girl under all this, and rely heavily on male forces to see me through my endeavors. Opposing forces are somewhat intimidating.

There’s a boy I know, we’ve known of each others existence… for a while.

He has come to know me so well, that he speaks directly to my soul… lives there.

*sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me*

I picked up a few trinkets in my travels yesterday.

My campaign now has received donations.

A Brick.

A Stick.

And one word.


i wonder how one issues a receipt for that?

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