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I don’t know…

If I can do this.

I got the recording back today from Friday’s session. I can’t listen to anything but the last take to the end, everything else is just so bad it makes me want to die where I stand. (of course my harshest critics’ (my familys’) uproarious laughter isn’t helping.

I don’t know if my ego is strong enough to take this kind of bashing and still remain… MY EGO.

but I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyways… cause that’s me.

All in all, let’s consider the facts:

I’m an untrained singer
I had just come in from a walk in the cold (an hour and fifteen minutes )
I smoke (far too much)
My breathing is not correct
It was my first time in a studio (being in the studio is pretty hot and dry )
I’d had a week to rehearse
I couldn’t communicate with my producer (he could hear me, but I couldn’t hear him, so we had to resort to hand signals)

The last take was the best because I think by that time (about 5 hours after we started, but we took a coupla breaks, and one for supper), we had worked out alot of issues, my voice was warmed up a little better, I had learned how I was comfortable working with my voice, and the earphones (hearing one’s voice screaming into your ear takes some getting used to), and I’d grown much more comfortable with the whole scenario in general.

Putting yourself on the line like this is really really scary (amongst other things). Not that I have alot to lose, it’s not that. It’s more the fact that it’s something I’d like to do, and do well (you know, just so I can say I did it).

I used to perform in a band in highschool (the clarinet). I remember that the thrill of performing as one of the biggest rushes I’ve ever felt. It was fun.

I wanna perform again :o)

(apparently enough to expose myself to endless amounts of ridicule from all over the place)

I’m a sucker for punishment… what can I say *wink*

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