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I hate writing sales pitches…

I really do.  Especially when you’re so sick of being sold to.  I’m writing one right now, and even though it’s only a few lines long, it’s taking everything out of me.  Taking your words, and putting them exactly so….. so what?

So that you will be understood.  There are so many messages out there telling you how you should feel/look/smell/taste/fuck… it’s ridiculous… how is anyone supposed to know what they want?

Most people will tell you that they decide what they want based on the input of a close group of people.  Those people are usually referred to as friends, although we all know that family is a circle of friends who love you.


I was reminded earlier this week to “memento more”.  Remember death for those unfamiliar with the phrase.


Anecdote of the day…  I’m working from my best friend’s house today, and she has these oriental statues that are very dear to her.  Her cat Romeo knocked one over this morning (the girl one), and it’s now busted in three pieces.  Little fucker.

In my search for crazy glue in her credenza (I’ll tell her… just not today, it’s Valentine’s day for chrissakes), I came across a note she had written on December 30th just passed.  It bequeaths all her posessions in the event of her death.

I don’t have a will, I’ve owned property, as well as had children for many years now, and I have never felt the need to write my will.  Perhaps because I think I’ll live forever, perhaps because I knew I didn’t need one.

In honor of the truest meaning of St-Valentine’s day, and in an effort to Memento More…

I, Tamara Morahan, being of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath all my worldly posessions (including parental rights to my children) to my Husband, Kevin LeClair, and should we both perish at the same time, my Sister, Angela Morahan.

I know… it’s very dramatic, but what better place to make your wishes known than on the Internet?  It’s fast, easy, and cheap.  I better start making my wishes known, or else they’ll never come true.

Btw… it’s not listed in the search (I suppose because they don’t have the money to pump into myspace, just the talent), but I’m listening to S.D.H.D. by a myspace band called The G-Men.  If you’re in an apocalyptic mood, I highly recommend them. 

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