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I just LOVE the smell of napalm in the morning…

“I light a smoke and I wonder what those streetlights think of me.” – Hell


Mr. ******:

It appears our understanding of our rights under our collaboration are at odds.

The material in question documents events in MY life, and as such, I have irrevocable rights to every aspect of my story, including the footage produced by you. None of your brands appear in the trailer, and the two episodes you produced remain online in their original format.

Since the series and the brand “anterockstar” have not produced any monetary gain, and that at this point, the two episodes out of the now 31 episodes shot, represent a minuscule amount of what ultimately will have been the effort to move this project forward, we do not consider you a fiduciary partner in this endeavor.

Any further correspondence regarding this matter can be forwarded in writing to my attorneys, Yanch and Yanch, 57 Simcoe St. South, suite 1D, Oshawa, Ontario, L1H 4G4.

We thank you once again for your inspiration, and wish you good luck with your endeavors.


Tamara Morahan


I am heavily taxed.

I’m a shit…. I should have gone out to Hell’s Fire Fest, but I figured actually setting the place on fire wouldn’t do anyone any good. I have $10 for Jake tho, he’s a sweet guy. Dunno what the Hell Hell’s afraid of….

I woke up with…

Understanding… the nature of this realm… is to shadow… the words upon the page.

Too bad that collaboration had to be reduced to those words on the page, but that’s the reality, and it’s something I CONFRONT everyday…

My former producer is flagging my material on youtube for copyright violations…he worked with us for two episodes 4 years ago…

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