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I know I’ve spent some time…

doing what I’m sure I don’t know… we’ve been renovating the kitchen, so you can look forward to seeing me against a new background…

We’ve also made (yet again) some casting changes *sighs*. 

Doug Hell is no longer a member of the production team… so no further episodes of Doug Hells Kitchen will be produced.

*Lately my heart’s been breaking*

The details would be inconsequential if they didn’t break my heart.  It’s not so much the time we invested in creating the series, or the fact that finally Anterockstar  had someone’s support (someone I feel was very important)… I know I can get those things again….anywhere…

It’s just that it was Doug.

I’ve had a hell of a last few years, and Doug’s and my friendship was forged during a very important transition phase in my life, adjusting to poverty, rebuilding my trust in people again, losing my mother…

It’s the changes he brought about in me. 

When Doug found me I was a very wounded, frightened, feral caged animal. 

He led me outta my cage, and showed me how to survive…without losing myself.

It’s too bad I lost him in the process.

And so I mourn some more….


Still drumming tho… keep watching!  We got the kit back in the house, and Justin’s gonna teach me how to tune them later 🙂

(oh… and we’re gonna start singing more… even if it is accapella…)

We’re also marching today… it may be grey outside, but Queen’s Park is gonna be GREEN!!!

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