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I never throw anything away.

me fucking around on percussions for bloom – Hell.

OR… he’s just a complete idiot. I have to ask myself at this point if I’m learning anything. Well, it stung, but I knew it already. I’m not. Doug Hell is just your run of the mill asshole blessed with too much talent, and not enough brains, or brawn for that matter, for if he was made of something worth anything at all….. He’d have the balls to write his own ticket, and not abuse those around him to indulge in his hobby. Balless. Dickless…. shameless, useless, pig. That’s right motherfucker, I’m calling you out, don’t ever call me on me again. I’m glad we understand each other. I’m glad we know who’s is what. You’re just a tool. EAT SHIT. You make me puke. OUT.

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