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I run the gamete…

Gamete is derived from the ancient greek wife, or husband (or spouse). It is defined as a cell that fuses with another (during fertilization, or I assume during any other creative process).

Like… sex…. or playing in a band… or sitting on a council…

In biology, sex is a process of combining and mixing genetic traits, often resulting in the specialization of organisms into a male or female variety.

Like… babies… music… or legislation…

I talk alot about sex (and art, and babies, and music, and politics), some people would come to perceive me as only about sex (drugs, and rock’n’roll). I admit, I am overtly creative. I am sometimes so inappropriately, but almost always gracefully, and most times with class.

Kindof the difference between erotica and porn, erotica makes you think, porn gets you off.

A society that cannot educate itself to the power of creation, its responsible use, is asking for trouble. “Those who do not understand power are destined to be ruled by it.”

I am powerful because I understand myself, my functions, and their appropriate applications and responsible use. I have my babies, I make art, and I have fun, and I continue to respect my body like the temple it is at all times because it is the source of that power.

I am powerful because I acknowledge all parts of myself as a part of my whole.

That we live in a place where my nature is held against me like some kind of stain upon the race is deplorable. While I agree that certain behaviors are left to certain circumstances, certainly our creative nature should be celebrated for the gift that it is, and not shunned, or stymied.

Could you imagine being shunned and stymied?

Oshawa, Ontario is the teenage mother capital of Canada. It’s not hard to understand why, look around you. What a desolate, and sterile environment.

Nature always finds a way, and she is finding a way to express herself in all these babies and women who know how to have them, but not how to care for them, or themselves.

Cause no one’s willing to acknowledge them in the first place.

Do you know how many beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, talented, devoted, and compassionate homeless human beings live in your neighborhood?

Did you know that Oshawa, Ontario does not have housing for childless women to find temporary shelter?

Do you know how many girls in this neighborhood “put out” for a couch to sleep on?

Did you know that it doesn’t have to be that way?

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