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I wanna

Yesterday was kinda surreal, a change of pace for sure. It was nice not to be the one holding the camera for a change, and it was neat to work with pros. Not that I’m not professional, but I don’t get paid to wield a camera.

I loved the piece. I was sad they cut Fox out, and they left out most of the guys personalities. I mean, they came out on the concert footage (that would be me handywork), but that’s just one aspect of these guys.
My favorite part of the Rogers interview had to be the snippets from the councillors. I can’t understand councilor Neal’s concern for the Cenotaph. If he’d seen (or understood, or bothered to get to know) me, or any of my gang, he’d know that we are all about respect. Hell… you don’t get alot of soundbites on tv, and mine is all about “respect, openness, overcoming difficulties…. willingness”

I find it hard to believe sometimes that he and his gang are about respect, although they claim to be.

But I’m not one to paint everyone with the same brush, and I’ll leave it at that. I was most amused by Councilor Cullens quote. What she said took alot of balls. Most of the time we all walk around pretending like there is no glass ceiling… when indeed there is… everywhere around us we are surrounded by glass…ceilings, walls, floors, doors…

and you can’t tell me what she said isn’t true.

The funny part is, and what I’m trying to show, is that John Tard, and myself, and my husband, and a great many of the other people involved in putting this show together for our kids, are middle aged white males (and a smattering of women who could be considered so for our laudy public behavior).

We just look and act like a gang of youths.

This concert is going to be the shit.

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