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If everyone cared…

Shit…. I wrote this really great last post about booking the GM Centre, and SOCAN helping us out, and I deleted it… oh well..

‘cept now that goddamned Telus ad is back, and it’s pissing me off now.

Anyways, ya, we booked the GM centre.  We’ve got two dates on hold, and we’re thinking the later one, but we just wanna check other calendars to make sure.  We’ll let you know, but keep the 14-15th of September, or the 19-20th of October open… you’re not gonna miss this show. 

Speaking of Socan, they recently awarded Nickelback a coupla plaques for No.1’s…. unfortunate that they are for songs I haven’t heard before, the one that keeps playing in my ear all the time (I listen to Canadian Radio) is this one.  Pretty fitting for the evening, so…

The first ever Anterockstar Song of the Second award goes to Nickelback.

Thanks for the inspiration Kev.

This one’s for you J.  Thanks for tonite, I needed that.

*giggles* Now if only Chad would show up on my doorstep, I could give him a plaque *giggles*…

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