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If you think this is bullshit…

then you’re missing the frickin point.

This heffer huffed it up to Isabella’s last night for a hoof stomping good time, was well worth waiting for too…. (that’s metaphlliteration!)

Meta flitterations indeed, CATL grabs yer skirt, hikes it up, and whirlys that girly right around the room till she drops. I have the proof on video.

When I first crossed paths with CATL they were two boys sitting in a pile of junk making the ssaaaaahhhweeeeeeeeeetest noise ya ever did hear.

and even reported on them in my news….

 (hahaha… catl girls….)

Then I stalked them a few more times….

 (more dancing girls!)

(That’s Al from Coletrain Music!)

And it all finally culminated in their record (that’s right… RECORD!) release party last night at Isabella’s.

Fun times…. Coletrain music and Isabella’s sure do make a fine team throwing a party. I especially liked the swag lying all over the room…. I felt like I was at a hotel grabbing free shampoos…. but aside from enjoying the warmth the music is what really set the place on fire…

Opening by Bradley boy was great, a perfect warm up for CATL. I love his approach, a one man band, making more noise than three plugged in. THAT’s the shit baby.

CATL used to be two boys, now there are three, with the addition of one lovely lady on keys and vocals. Just when you thought CATL couldn’t sound any better, they go and surprise you. What a lovely surprise. The addition of the keys to their sound reminded me a bit of The Doors, but with a distinctive maple flavor.

I really don’t know what else to say here that the video won’t, it ALWAYS tells the truth… I mean I could go on for hours….

I had some interesting chats last night, not the least of which with a fellow writer confrere, who’s work I read all the time, who I am always surprised when he tells me he reads mine. (you have to wonder what goes through people’s minds sometimes….*giggles*)

The written word… may not be as colorful as sound, or moving pictures my friend….

But it carries a HELL of alot more weight :)


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