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I’M A ROCKSTAR!!! or rather… 

I’m an Ante… Rock… Star…

We had the premiere of many good pieces of work last night.  Andy is a wizard, and as usual managed to deliver more than what’s expected. Fun part is, my expectations keep getting higher, and he keeps managing to hit the mark. Same is true of everyone else who attended last night, and my gorgeous husband, who finally got a haircut. Thank you JJ.  To everyone who attended and contributed to last nights discussion and ambiance, my warmest and fondest thanks. Your love and presence made the moment what it was, thank you so much.

I am extremely proud to report that we now have a final two-minute trailer.  I’m not sure what Andy and Kevin’s plans are for getting them up all at once, I’ll let you know when I have more info. We’re working out the final details of the launch today, and are right on schedule (I mean AHEAD!!!! of schedule) for our launch tomorrow morning. :o)


Not only are we releasing a website and trailer a week ahead of schedule, we also have 5 short “meet Tammie” spots that are to die for. They got uproarious laughs. I think the crowd favorites were “classy” and the “Buckleys” shot certainly got a reaction…

We got lots of business taken care of, with a good story outline taking shape, and all the little details of running what I suppose is turning into a production company.  It’s weird to think of it that way, but it is. I’ve subcontracted out all my needs to other interested and talented parties, and now we have something that I’m feeling really confident is going to be quite big. Some of the team have trouble believing it, but I think it’s more a matter of them believing in themselves.  Not to underplay my contributions to Ante-Rockstar, because I think a large part of a shows success lies in it’s star, and we all knew I was a star before we went into this, but I’m tremendously enjoying watching you all figure out that you are too…. 

Here’s to hoping the audience enjoys watching me figure it out *wink*, and seeing just how big of a star I can become.  So far reviews have been fantastic. We’ve had 0% negative feedback, people think it’s funny and engaging. We’ve received some feedback on technical and production quality issues, but we had already noted those ourselves, and are working them out on upcoming shoots.

We’ve received the following comments from some of our test users:

“I think you and the camera love each other”

“loved the contact…intense”

And my personal favorite: “you also sound good saying the word fuck”

— dark_horse35

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