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I’m a Rockstar!


Ok, I just got home from my first ever recording session. Hopefully, for me and the rest of the world, it will be my last.

But we did videotape the whole thing. I can’t wait to show it to you, cause it’s my best performance yet, and it’s one of the most marketable things I’ve ever put together. Quite the performance.

Sometimes it’s just better to let the universe conspire to make you happy, and help her along the way when she needs it.

Tonite, I worshipped at the altar of the goddess, and she heard my prayers. As I walked out onto the pavement from work, it was like I had been set free to set out and seek my fortune, and if I only followed the signs, I’d get to where I needed to go.

I left work, and set out on my way, West on Queen street, in the bright sunshine, shades on, boots on, and my head turned into the bright sun. I marched at a decent gait and made University in ten minutes from Victoria and Adelaide, so I was making good time. Then I hit Queen Street. Well, the feast of color in my eyes was like a kaleidoscope, and I just had to get on the phone with Eon and share it, so now the only thing I’m paying attention to are the crowds, and if I walk with them, I don’t have to see where I’m going. Except I wasn’t paying attention to the street names, and I was nearly to Duffering before I figured out I had gone too far, and had to turn around (which suited me fine, then I could look in those nice windows at the fabric stores again, it’s enough to make you wanna drool I tell you…It took everything I had not to go in and browse, cause I knew I didn’t have much time to get this done, and there was shit loads that needed to be. In the end considering the circumstances, I’m sure the end product will be something to be proud of, because all involved gave their absolute best. So, as I hurried back east on Queen, I stopped at a little shop I had missed, and bought a water. I had hoped to grab a bottle of Buckleys because Steve had recommended it to clear my throat. Just so happens, that’s the only brand this little store carries, and the no-sucrose, no-alcohol, just like Steve had recommended. Well, this was just the cherry on top the cake. I managed to make decent time back to McCaul (a little over an hour).

And then Andy came down to meet me, for the first time in nearly a year. A recently renewed friendship that neither of us can forget, have ended so many times we can’t even count anymore, yet continue to nourish to some point because we can still see something in it for us.

Wait till you see what Andy and I did….. it’s fantastic. We worked so well together it wasn’t even funny, the communication was efficient, and clear. Considering everything we had to work with, which I’ll get into later, cause we were able to overcome them with little fuss by clearly exploiting our mutual capabilities (a respect for each other which is extremely important, if you can’t respect the person, the communication will always be garbled). I don’t think anyone could have asked for a more professional performance out of either of us. (yes, yes, yes… I’m a Diva, but lucky for me, I worked with someone who knows just how to handle Diva’s, so meh). Besides, I think I proved tonite just how low maintenance I can be, I don’t think I complained too much, with the exception of having to go to the bathroom, supper, and I think three cigarette breaks (ok, maybe more, will sit corrected on this one if need be), but everyone has needs you know.

Anyways, I’m tired as hell right now, and I need to go to sleep.

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