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I’m not in a writing mood…

You have to understand, I spend entire DAYS writing… it’s getting ridiculous.

Andy and I spent the evening going over some stuff (and singing), and filming yesterday. I think this post will be about that, who knows…

First of all I want to thank his gorgeous wife MC for having me in her home. Wow… can she cook a salmon. Dinner was delicious. I’m pretty positive everyone is concerned over my nutrition. Andy did tell me this week that he’s concerned with my nutrition, and I’m trying to stay on top of it I swear, I’m just so bloody busy…

I’m up at around 7 or so every morning, no matter how late I’ve been up (with the exception of this morning… I only made my bed at 4:30, gimme a break).

So now I’ve sat here doing nothing but chatting making plans for tonite…. Oh well, if you feel like meeting me, you’re welcome to offer me a lift….. maybe I’ll even let you have a say in where we go (if you ask nicely of course).

I’m in Oshawa BTW, and I’m looking to party in downtown T.O. There’s a buncha parties goin on tonite, most notably the afterparty for Cannabis week ( which should be a helluva good time considering Thursday’s burlesque opening night. Hehe… nothing like watching pastied titties being brandied about in a smoky room I always say.

See you tonite!

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