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Well, sorry I haven’t updated in a while… I went back to work this week (after a highly productive and rewarding on all levels “Goddess Week”). Must remember to do that again next year. I got oodles of progress made:

– on Ante-Rockstar (forged a deal to get my site up for next to nothing, whereas the budget had $25,000 worked in for that… YIPEE!!!)

– Nearly have a lawyer (the guy I want is proving difficult to get a hold of, but I’m holding out for him, I trust him implicitly)

Anyhoo… lots going on, but I’m keeping things up nicely. The bills are a little off track, but I’ll take care of that this weekend, I’m due for another retainer from a client, I just have to get his stuff done.

My birthday is on Monday, and I haven’t had time to really think about it, or plan anything. I would like a pedicure, and maybe a haircut, but that can wait, I havent had any complaints so far…. Maybe I’ll wait till the party on the 29th to get all that done, I’m really looking forward to that, but I have alot of work to do before then, so…

I better get to it, I’ve got errands to run. I’ll post more later.

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