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It’s All Helter Skelter

“When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again”

Helter Skelter – The Beatles

When you live long enough, you notice that there is a cycle to things… each system within which we operate has a cycle, some converge naturally, others converge by accident, others by design… some not at all.

I attended the Finance and Administration committee meeting yesterday to see if the City was going to play ball. They’re putting forth a recommendation to Council in favor of promoting the show. Clearly, they have the balls to play ball.

Once again I had the pleasure of personal exchanges with a Councilor or two. I did myself a favor and refreshed my memory as to the Charter our Council operates under prior to my meeting.

“It all comes down to trust and respect for yourself and others” – it’s opening line.

Although these meetings run dry with protocol, they get quickly to the point once all that is out of the way. Councilor Cullen put forth a motion which opens the door for the City to help us promote, and Councilor Parkes made comments as to what stipulations that help should have. Motion seconded, yada.. yada. See you at Council.

Helter skelter.

The City of Oshawa is entertaining the idea of promoting its homegrown, encouraging its youth, and heck, I believe we all know we’re entering some interesting waters.

Punk is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of the songs are not only offensive to the ears, some of the performances are offensive to peoples very principles of being. Those things we fight tooth and nail to protect, and keep alive.

Once upon a time, Rock’n’Roll was a movement… but I guess it takes more than that to shock people these days.

As a promoter, I am answerable to everyone, especially my sponsors, and artists most of all. My artists are counting on an avenue of free expression (no art without it), and my sponsors are counting on an expression in line with their views (however wide or narrow that vision might be).

I was taken aback yesterday by references to 3Tards earlier work which includes graphics of Charles Manson. You’d have to be a retard not to know what a monster he is, the horrific extent of his crimes, or the shock that an entire culture went through as a result of his existance.

I daresay “free love” came to an end shortly thereafter.

I cannot speak to the artists intent with the exception of quoting John Tard when I asked him about it this morning: “We were clownifying him”. Personally, their work, for me anyways, holds Manson up to be an example of what an ill society produces. I have read Helter Skelter, I have done my fair share of research into the matter, and if you fully understand his purpose here, you will understand that he also, holds himself up in that light. An example of a cancer upon society. It lurks, in shadows, till the catalyst appears, and brings it to light. In Manson’s case… see lyrics above.

Music, as I said to Council, has the power to move people as much as trucks do.

There are no words to reassure someone who’s just learned things that tremendously disturb them.

They need to see things, know things, to reassure them.

There’s a misconception that 3Tards are proponents of violence against women. My personal experience with them, as well as their music, has given me strength in moments of weakness, and balls… when entering arenas where I am the only woman standing.

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