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It’s been a while…

Since I’ve written here, sorry… life is such a whirwind…

You’re probably wondering why I’ve catergorized this in the pets and animals section.  Well, this morning I’ll be pondering my observations on my own personal group of pets… musicians.

Careful when you let a musician come live with you, they’r funny sorts, full of all kinds of quirks, nervous tics, nasty personal habits… they have no manners whatsoever, and you can’t believe a word they say.

Even tho they’re always telling the truth.

I’ve spent my entire life trying to understand musicians.  My dad is a musician, I am a musician, my son is a musician.  Why wouldn’t I want to understand musicians?

I’ve spent the last three years of my life intimately observing musicians in their natural habitat, at their best, in the spot light, and at their worst… in the dark.

They’re entertaining, always ready with a smile or a joke, know exactly the right thing to say and when to say it (Timings’ EVERYTHING, isn’t it?), and they can cook… oh boy can they cook.

Their brains out….  I don’t think I’ve met a single musician who didn’t have a substance running in his veins, at least nicotine.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met sober musicians, but for the most part… they all struggle with some demons, and are at various stages in their life of working those demons out… or at least learning to live peacefully with them…. and put them to good use.

It sure has been a slice, but methinks I understand all I need to at this point, and I’m going to get on with being a musician instead of studying them…

Anyone wanna host a local independant music show? 

Personality, and big eyes a must…..


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