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It’s been…

two weeks since I wrote a note, so I guess I’ll mark 2012.

Interesting few weeks to say the least.  Our holidays were simple, peaceful, memorable, and fun.  We got a keyboard, and I now  have the pleasure of listening to myself play “Fur Elise” and the first 16 bars of “Moonlight Sonata” over and over again.  It’s always fascinating to watch yourself do something you weren’t previously capable of.  

Working hard on further promoting Anterockstar, and while our pitch to CBC didn’t land (they don’t deal in material that is already produced), I did hear back from them quickly, and the Development Officer in charge invited me to call her and pick her brain.  I also happen to have material in the hopper that ISN’T produced, and that may appeal to them even further.  THIS much closer to my resolution for 2012 of getting myself broadcast on television.

Oshawa was in the headlines this week, first official complete business newsweek of the year, and here we have Bill Steele hogging the limelight with what are nothing more than shenanigans, and of no real social value (well, there’s always the negative value of shitting where you eat).  The pic made me think of that Nicholson line from batman “Can somebody tell me what kind of a world we live in where a man dressed up as a *bat* gets all of my press”.  Then the region wants to spend $1.3 million on attracting investors.  I say have them spend it on PR training for it’s people, THAT might go TWICE around the world.

Made contact with many individuals from my past this week too…. some from way back in my childhood (with a job offer no less!), a former mentor (and ginger), and my first suboardinate from my arrival here in Ontario in 1999.  The flood of memories they bring with them, and the possibilities they’ve presented have really opened my perspective to the fullness of my life, and how it all magically ties together.

I’m kicking ass in 2012, and I love it.

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