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It’s hard not to buy your own HYPE…

Especially when you want everyone else to buy it….

We all walk around with personae on our sleeves.  Who we are underneath is supposed to be what counts.  Unfortunately, what you show is what people get to see.

And sometimes you show them what you think they want to see, so you change, and you move, and you dip into yourself and you pick out the things that you know will get you attention, and you wear those.  But what of all the other stuff?  The shit no one wants to look at?  Especially not in the mirror…

Part of this whole rockstar thing (for me anyways), is finding those parts that everyone wants to see, and putting them out there.  Thing is, everyone has different tastes, so you have to accomodate that many different audiences.  They say it’s impossible to please everybody all of the time.  I think you can, it’s all a matter of how you think about it.  You’ve got one lifetime, go for it.

So, in pursuing my rockstardom, the first thing I have to do is get a band of course.  Other than laying the groundwork to deal with the physical demands of being one.  It’s difficult to find a band you know, and according to Chris… “You don’t just join a band”.  Ok, cool, but… um…. how do I join a band?

Well, I’m assuming for starters you audition for whoever’s currently in the band.  So last week, I gave the guys my best Alice Cooper (with a Tammie twist of course (I sang “be my VALENTINE” instead of “be my Frankenstein”).  I’ll eventually have the presence of mind (and practice in) to remember lyrics… but that’s ok…They got the gist.  Chris (drums) wasn’ t there, so I wasn’t able to show him what I can muster, but we’ll see what happens on Thursday, our next shoot.

We got photos back from Cat & Rat from Saturday’s show, and we’ll be uploading them as soon as we can.  Kevin’s still recovering from being up till 6 this morning (after having been out most of the night Saturday night), and up again at 11:30 this morning to head back at it.  He’s working on the other versions, you’re all going to have to live with Flash right now.

We’re working hard on the first issue of Phyte, so I’m a magazine contributor and writer now too.  I’ve got three interviews scheduled for this week (one of which I nearly peed myself when I landed… been a fan of this man for years and years, in particular his work on one of my favorite songs.  Kevin won’t let me tell you who he is though, which pisses me off to no end, but you’re gonna have to wait!).  He’s working on a project at the moment, but we’re so very happy he’s decided to take time out of his schedule to chat with us.

So ya, back to the Rockstar thing.  You’ll notice when we put the shots up later that contrary to what I’ve stated earlier in my blog, The Symptom are not fronted by a girl.  She is currently on hiatus for school, but will be rejoining them early in 2007.  So Jeff, bassist extra-ordinaire fronted The Symptom on Saturday.  Vocals were courtesy of the guys.  As usual, you couldn’t tell who was on first, and who was on second, and in this case, there was even someone on third.  Nice to have all your bases covered.

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