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It’s open season folks….

Some comments from the peanut gallery… for your education and enjoyment…

“have you considered not tying causes to your own purpose? i mean, it is blatantly self-serving – even insulting.

have you spoken to these organizations that you toss on your posters? i find it odd that the united way has nothing about this event on their website, nor any sort of press releases or anything at all. its great that you are doing these things, but the fact you consistently tie them to yourself (or make a rockumentary) sort of just pushes through a selfish agenda under the guise of caring.

you do realize that – given this is an election year and you are a candidate – you may be skating on thin ice by holding this event for yourself and not declaring it as such? kind of misleading.

also, didn’t you do a politicus event previously?”

My response:

Thanks for your comments, I do appreciate them.

Have I considered not tying causes to my own purpose.

Well, the cause would be my purpose.

You’ll notice no cover, and I’m collecting food.

You’ll notice alot of symbols on my poster (and much of my work), including my own, but mine is not more or less prominent than any other (benefits of growing up in Quebec, and an intimate familiarity with the requirements for compliance on bill 101).

You’re welcome to call Simcoe Hall. They will verify that I have spoken to them about my event, and that they expect me on Monday January 25th with a food delivery. Simcoe Hall is sponsored by the United Way. Their volunteers are very busy running their programs, and have little time to spend on marketing and administration. They depend on people to walk in their door and help them out. They weren’t insulted when I called.

I don’t notice “vote for Tamara” or anything like that on my poster.

I’m very aware of the scrutiny under which the human race likes to hold it’s higher ups, and I welcome it. I believe I have consistently shown myself to be exactly the woman you thought I was.

I have conducted interviews under the Politicus brand and posted them for the benefit of my viewing public. Thank you for recognizing at least something of value in my efforts Al.

You’re right, G Men fucking kick ASS, and I can’t wait to see them. Last time was summer ’06 at Bovine, and it’s been too damned long. I just hope I don’t end up in a brace.

or traction.

Yes Seger, cameras will be rolling. We always enjoy using your footage, you’re very camera friendly, but we’ll be needing a release this time brother.

I hope this answers your questions to your satisfaction. As far as commenting on what the show will be like, you’ll just have to come out and see.

Or wait for the video….

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