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I’ve been running….

this race for so long, it just became a part of me.

Before I knew what was happening, I was jumping hurdle after hurdle
without even noticing they were there.

Came to a point where it was “or bust” and the blinders went on.

Then it all became a blur.


Things are cooking up on high around here, and man I can barely see
the hours pass. I spend alot of time working in cyberspace, and I
think I’ll only get a solid feeling of accomplishment the day of the

Few moments are suspended in my mind, and worth sharing here. An old
friend of mine, one who knew me in another time and place, what seems
like another life, remarked how proud she was at how far I’ve come in
the last little bit.

And then today, another friend, one who’s shared this leg of my
journey since the beginning… one of my first three myspace friends,
with no clue who I was, except a new face says to me “well, look at

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.


On another note… her name is Gerrie.

I picked up a guitar and bass last fall outta the garbage, traded the
bass for repairs on the guitar and she’s back. She’s named for her

She’s got good action (I’m told), although she’s warped to shit, and
has a lot of moisture damage.

I love her, and have already found “Mary had a little Lamb”.

There’s no stopping me now.

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