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I’ve had my caffeine, and my dopeamine…

Whoa… it’s about the weather.  This weekend in the Shwa, we had nothing but blue skyes and heat.  Blistering heat.  It’s nice that today is good and raining, everything needs to be rinsed off.  I guess the lake needed a little warming too, cause the water down there was cold on Saturday.  Still no sign on the beach of the bottle of Absolut we threw in there (the older kids and I) at my birthday.  But I’m figuring if the goddess has the good sense to regulate the water temperature for me, she will bring my bottle back to me.  We threw messages into the lake in a bottle including our email address.  If you find it (or have found it), get in touch, we have a prize for you!


So, we’re filming again today.  I mentioned yesterday about hating working with Kevin.  He and I just DO NOT see eye to eye on form and content, and it becomes difficult at best to get communication to a point of understanding (where we can get something done).  Inside myself I know that the answer is to keep my mouth shut, but sometimes the urge to smack him becomes quite great…

And I know that the feelings mutual when I do open my mouth, and that puts the responsibility squarely in my lap. 


Still having trouble singing on my own… I always seem to require a leader of some type (as well as instrumentation, can’t sing without at least one instrument playing… or a voice other than your own.. I’m currently rehearsing U2, Nickelback, Stevie Nicks, and of course a little bit of Bob thrown in.).  I was told last week that I should *not* try and sing to the master because I end up trying to imitate it, instead of using my own voice.  Happy to report that I’m getting better at improvising, and finding out what I can, and can’t do with my voice.  and YES, I am still smoking.

That’s about it for now, I’m moving today (hopefully) if the stars that are the bank, the region, city hall, my new landlord, Joost, MacLaren, and the internet will align (oh, and maybe that band of miscreants called Wetwork, it would be nice if they showed up for work every once in a while)…

and I will have a real sunshiny day….


Now…. off to do dishes and make lunches…lol… Kevin wants to film “A day in the life of the Anterockstar”…. methinks he has to get up earlier.  (and then he wonders why I answer “read my blog” to all his questions….lol…

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