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Keeping in touch…AND A CONTEST!

I’ve got so much going on, it’s getting extremely hard to keep track of it all… (thank God for blogs, and notes, and pens, and palm pilots, and friends, and emails and all the other stuff there is that remind you where/when/with who/what you have to be doing every minute of the day…

My stress level is running pretty high, but I think I’m managing. If I could get more sleep it would help, but there’s so much on my plate it’s a joke. My voice is getting much better since I’ve:

a) gotten myself up to 45 mins a day of yoga (a challenge, but not hard if you work it into the shower… I’ve been brushing my teeth there for years, I figure why not?)
b) started singing whenever I can (some of my cabbies have good things to say about my rendition of The Carpenters “Yesterday once more”). In case you all are wondering where all the Carpenter’s comes from, well, I grew up in the 70’s, that should explain it. (it also happens to be one of Robert Smith’s favorite songs… or so I’m told, so MEH!).
c) switched to smoking Menthol cigarettes (yes, I know that’s not *QUIT*, but it’s a start… they’re also *ultra light* and too long for me to smoke in one sitting, so I smoke less of them… or so I figure… who knows.)

So plan for next week is taking shape.  We’re hoping for a press release monday, but we’ve all got busy weekends planned with other things and projects, so we may or may not make that deadline, but sit tight to watch the papers early next week.

We’re also full steam ahead with production next week, and great story ideas are being tossed all over the place… WE’RE EXCITED!!!…..

Like any other Rockstar out there, I’m a business woman too, and I’ve been busy on that end as well.  I’m sealing deals all over town, securing us resources, and a future. 

***Ok, here’s the goods***

The one place we’re not quite there yet on is funding.  Getting funding as you all know is a lengthy process, and we have to start production full swing like now…so we’ve come up with a couple of little hooks to get you all participating….


If you buy us a 5 pack of tapes we’ll let you sit in on a recording session (1 hr). (I’ll give details in a promo with the launch on Monday)
Your name will also be entered into a contest to spend the night out on the town with me! (again… details to follow as my appearances schedule hasn’t been finalized yet).


We need help spreading the word!
If you have a profile on a community site and feel like being me, you can maintain one of our Ante-Rockstar profiles.   We offer sneak-previews of episode trailers and other “eyes-only” material for members of our street crew.  (you can also participate in a really cool social experiment… stay tuned).

*Corporate Sales*

Our rate card and media kit will be released on Monday as well.  We are looking for corporate sponsors!  Shine like a star at work and tell them about us!  We offer a generous referral program.  Please contact us for details.

*Investor recruitment activities*

For those of you who travel those circles, please contact us for details of our search for angel investors. 

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