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Leaving my four walls behind…

Well, yesterday marked a milestone here at Anterockstar… we have officially passed the 4 episode mark.  You can see Episode IV – Release here.  I’m told it’s our best yet.  I don’t know about that…

In this episode, we cover off some pretty personal topics… politics, poverty, and progress….  although some may not consider these topics personal….

I am a very prideful creature, and like most humans, girls in particular, I try very hard to portray myself to others as I want to be seen…. not necessarily how I really am.  Living life this way, ala Anterockstar, writing down my thoughts, and living my humiliation on a screen for all to see, bringing all my worst fears and greatest hopes to life, is well…  a rush at any rate.

In this episode we reveal alot about ourselves, more so than most people would.  Some would call what we’re doing insanity, others would call it courageous.  I just consider it what I do.


For those of you keeping tabs on the Frances story, we are in contact with the major crimes unit with the Durham Regional Police, and I’ll keep you posted on our progress.


In other news, things are happening now at an alarming rate over here, we’re working hard on my first cover, Bus Stop.  I’m happy with the vocal (so is RJ!!!), and I’ve got my buddy Gerry from The Symptom working on the guitar.  Although RJ did an excellent job supporting me in the Episode, it’s extremely difficult to work out nuances without being in the same room.  You see, RJ and I work remotely, he in Montreal, me in Oshawa.

We did a test shoot last week on a video, and took some photos, hope you like!!! (there are more in the Bus Stop folder in my pictures if you wanna see more).  Our special thanks to our model, Lexi Fisher, and our photographers, Cat and Rat Clement.  As usual, they captured the essence of the moments .


I’m working on getting a band to back me up, and although I have great chemistry and work well with The Symptom, I’m leery to commit to them since they have proven to be… not entirely reliable.  And we all saw what happened last season when I relied on the unreliable….

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