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Letters to the guys…

Angel from my nightmares…
Crawling on my wall,
You keep on plugging
In my brain, I’m having quite the ball…

I wanna die right now just for the thrill of it. 
I wanna step out of my window and plunge to the ground
just to feel the rush.  I can’t feel anything anymore, every thing went hush
a long time ago someone tripped a switch inside my head,
and I went completely numbbb……..

unless I go to extreme lengths, which is what I’m doing with you.

All of you apparently…

Shit, you’ve no idea what it is like sitting between the four of you… Fuck….

I dunno…  last night felt a lot like you guys were showing off… shit.  

Ya… sitting between the four of you.  Lol… I’ve never flown that high and actually felt so much like I was a part of the ground at the same time.  No fear of flying there…. Sighs  Deep breaths…  I can close my eyes and see each one of you… it’s odd….  Then I open my eyes and find one or the other of you right in front of me.  Smiling.  It’s neat.  

The things you want me to do with my mouth require….lol….you guys take me on the wickedest trips…*giggles*  You mean I get to stand right here?  Hehe…

Am I ok?

Probably not.  I’m pretty sure that by most standards I appear to be very much a sane (somewhat) and productive, responsible (somewhat) member of society.  I’m really a shit disturber… shhh…  don’t tell anyone.  I’m really trying to take over the world, but if I told people that, they would never believe me.  I’m far too cute to be a world dominatrix…. *giggles*

Fuck, you are like riding a tank into fucking outer space….at a hundred million miles an hour…. Then you stop me on a dime.  We better watch it or my head might spin off my shoulders and go flying *cue demonic laughter* *giggles*

You guys are cute the way you take care of each other…  you’re even cuter when you take care of me.  Thanks for watching my ass, I appreciate it…Oh, and thanks for having us over last night…..

I don’t even know who I’m writing to anymore there are so many of you tugging away at my head.  Filling it with words and pictures and a whole shit load of fucking noise….god almighty man..

Anyways…So, I wake up this morning to the sound of you guys, figure Kev’s up watching the tape, but no… it was in my head… now every time I lie down and close my eyes I have this heart ripping sound going through my chest… it’s a fucking riot…

Finally the voices will leave me alone……*sighs*

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