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Making good on promises of the past

I used to be so badass.

Original News Segment May 20, 2009

Reviewing this content recorded over 14 years ago, I can’t help but admire the person appearing before me, in all the expressions of the different aspects of her character, and multiple personalities.  I can recall the enthusiasm and determination that infected her, even though that enthusiasm feels completely absent from my current persona, she is an animated reminder that it is a quality that I can conjure, given that the determination is still clearly there, I’m still here, and I’ve developed many more personalities since.

Though I have been very silent the past few months (years), and I haven’t released any video since the Firecrackers hit TIFF in 2018; the cumulative effects of years of compound character assassination, disintegration (overexposure?) The herculean effort required to reassemble the pieces of my person into be something I can not only recognize, but accept.

So I re-emerge into the content creation world, the one I helped create but abandoned along the way because the cost was just too darn high.  Watching the news segment above, I can’t help but know the future, now that it’s passed.  Would I tell this woman that the breast cancer fundraiser she’s promoting will be shut down by a fleet of police for political reasons?  Would she have moved forward knowing that would be the outcome?  What would she have done otherwise?

I can’t answer any of these questions except to say I probably wouldn’t have believed you.  I never saw myself or my cause as that important until that day, and since that day, I’ve been contemplating the gravity of it all.  

Enough of that shit.

All we wanted to do was play music to raise funds for breast cancer, and I’m here to make good on that.  

In that spirit, I invite you to join me in the first ever Busking for Breast Cancer Challenge.  Between now and June 20, 2023.  I’ll be busking to raise funds for breast cancer research. You can watch here weekly for snippets as I prepare myself for the challenge.

Busking is something I’ve always wanted to try, but have been too scared to do.  

Here goes nothing. 

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