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I’m sitting here discussing our marriage with Kevin.  We’re talking about how things have changed since the beginning of our relationship, 16 years old last week. We are debating who chose who first:

Kevin:  “I chose you for a reason you know” (when I mentioned how many sci-fi conventions I had been dragged to pregnant).

Me: “who says I didn’t chose you?”

Kevin: “Well, if you did choose me, you got what you asked for”

And I did. I am a wildly happy woman, and have been for quite some time now. I knew this man would get me to where I wanted to be in my life, would help me to become the woman he knows me to be, I have seen it in his eyes. Those adoring eyes that consume you, and show you the future. I know that he sees these things in himself in my eyes, and they are starting to show. I just noticed that lately he appears taller to me. He was excited to report that it’s because he hasn’t been slouching. Oh, I am so proud of him… Because he is so proud of himself.

I had been contemplating while cleaning up the house the other day, and decorating for the party, that it’s impossible for other people to be proud of you UNTIL you are proud of yourself. Until you show off what you can do, and who you are, nobody knows but you. It’s unhealthy NOT to be proud of who you are, no matter what that is. Blending in though, is necessary for your survival…. and theirs unfortunately.

But that doesn’t mean you should slouch. It means you should be flexible *wink*.

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