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You wouldn’t think that I suffer loneliness…


I’m looking in a mirror

There’s a person staring back at me

She seems to be familiar, but who is she?

Crying, her eyes empty,

She raises her hand to touch mine.

A tear falls on the glass,

and we both use our sleeves

to wipe it away.

She’s looking straight into my eyes

and I into hers

I can only see the pain that fills her heart

Eating away at her, tearing her apart.

Suddenly the glass clouds up,

and the person fades.

I extend my hand

Hoping to touch her again

But I can see nothing,

I’ve lost myself in a sea

of other people’s ideals and dreams

Paying no attention, to that broken person

I know now…. That she’s me.

– Tamara Morahan “The Mirror” 1989

This one’s for me.


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