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Muses, masters, and Poppets…

Ok, coupla things…

I just saw Pirates of the Carribbean.  I get the imagery already, and I think even the actors are tired of playing their characters.  Leave it to Bruckheimer to take a good idea and turn it into a cliche.  This one’s typical of early career Bruckheimer, it’s all in the trailer.

I hate working with Kevin.  I hate working with any producer really, but Kevin has got to be the most difficult man to inspire I have ever known.  However, I’ve always felt the more rigid the master, the more apt the pupil, so I’m working on improving my abilities to take cues…. it’s just hard to follow cues when someone won’t pick a direction…. but I digress. (also hard to nail down talent, I swear, they are the most unreliable bunch around, no wonder it takes a staff to keep track of them.  Christ.)

Things are coming along, if we can get the “shots” his highness wants, we’ll have an episode up by tomorrow, we’re just having internet connection issues, so the upload is shoddy.  We’re working on it, and appreciate your patience.

With any luck, you’ll see me sing again next week :o)

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