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My tragic hip…

Surprisingly, I’m not sore at all this morning….. but I still can’t move my right leg properly….


So…  been getting better acquainted with Nickelback lately, they’ve been getting no end of press what with getting a star on the Canada walk of fame…lol… which is kinda cute if you think about it, but Oshawa’s doing the same thing, and while I’m proud of my city, I don’t know WHO the hell you’d put on our walk of fame… perhaps seeing as we have an entire day named after him, we should ask Stephen Colbert to accept an honorary citizenship (we have a citizenship card here in Oshawa, it’s called a Library Card), and take a star.  Maybe he’ll even show up to accept it *giggles*.

So ya, Chad and his boys (um, is it me or do his boys keep changing faces?) were in Toronto this week to accept their star, along with Lloyd Robertson.  What kind of a country do we live in that you’d find Nickelback and Lloyd Robertson in the same room, let alone accepting the same award?  In any case, Lloyd’s influence must have won out, cause Chad looked a little more sober than he did at the Juno’s…  Hehe… the sunglasses on the red carpet were a dead give-away…lol…


So, I’ll leave you with their 2006 performance of Saving me at the Junos in Halifax… Enjoy….the crowd apparently did :o)

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