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No matter how many….

MC’s I eat up.

So, I make my way from Montreal to Toronto, and MClaren doesn’t show.  Fuck.  To their credit, the whole situation was handled promptly, with as much attention paid to my inconvenience as possible, so I must admit, I wasn’t pissed off about it.  I was just grateful for the invitation to a meeting.

Purpose of said meeting of course for us to interview them as our AOR.  Yes, indeed, here at Anterockstar, we are shopping for an AOR.  I can’t disclose the size of the account just yet, the ink isn’t yet dry.

For many reasons, I’m happy we’re going with McLaren.  From what I’ve read of them, they are one of the largest in Canada, and if one anticipates a global reach, it is essential to have this kind of stability and talent under the hood of your engine, after all, I’m building a machine here, she needs an engine.

So, although we have never had a face to face meeting, I’ve made my decision, and I’m going with MacLaren.  We’ll be

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