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Nothing’s gonna happen till you shut up and listen!

Madonna’s done it again.

Well, seems Madonna’s still not done pissing off the romans, cause she’s performing this weekend, and getting herself crucified.

“There’s alot of innocent people being… crucified” – My life with the thrill kill kult – After the flesh

Ok, so now everyone’s on again about her being blasphemous, and not only that, we’re dragging up every other sin she’s ever committed, including the “like a prayer” “erotica” and “justify my love” videos, as well as the “sex” book.  

“It is disrespectful, in bad taste and provocative,” – Rev. Manfredo Leone

How is it in bad taste?  How is it disrespectful?  I can see how it’s provocative, obviously it is, since she has everone’s tongue wagging.  They’re blasting her, in the spirit of protecting the populace from influences that would prevent them from keeping them on their knees, worshipping Jesus Christ on HIS cross.  Funny, I recall that HE was called blasphemous as well (and he hung out with whores).

Our world is on the verge of destruction, with wars, poverty, famine, disease…  Our environment is a poison to the life that our planet is supposed to sustain, and people everywhere turn a blind eye, and continue the behaviours that got us here in the first place. The church, instead of doing what it can to prevent man from blowing himself and his world to oblivion by teaching him how to “love his neighbour”,  is busy talking into microphones about Madonna being a blasphemous whore.

Apparently their only purpose is to stand in the way of creation… 

Man is an animal, and as such, has primal (built-in, God-given) urges and instincts, including his sexuality (our ability to create).  It’s about time great mother Church accepted that, and taught us how to control and channel this power to productive ends, for the sake of the planet. 

Or at least if they can’t (or won’t) they shut up and listen when someone else does.

I mean really, what does a girl have to do to get her point across anyways…hang herself from a cross?

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