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Oh, and one last thing…

I don’t overly bore people with pictures of my kids, but Emma was so great today, really putting forth an effort for me to have a wonderful day, even going to the trouble of directing my bulletin video this afternoon.

She insisted we do a photo shoot when we got done, so here it is…  I can’t help but share her, she’s so beautiful.


& Spice.

That’s what little girls are made of *giggles*.

And on that note, I leave you with a little sumfin sumfin to put you to sleep…  This SOS goes out to all my sisters out there.

Depeche Mode… Precious… too bad the video isn’t.  (Just close your eyes, listen to the words, and pretend Dave is 20 years younger *giggles*… then again… one look in those eyes, and it doesn’t matter anymore *sighs*)

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