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Oh I Love oh I love oh I love..

What bob does to my head.  So if Robert can get over his writer’s block, so can I…

I’ve been working on another song… I love what happens to my feelings when I write them out in songs… I can tell the absolute truth without saying anything at all, and no one but me knows what I mean (and those few I choose to share those details with).  Ahhh… truth WITHOUT consequences… the perfect play 🙂

Well, perfect if you don’t want to have any impact at all at least.  You see, no consequence, no change, and voila… nothing.

I’ve been thinking about impact lately, especially yesterday, since we attended the Freedom Festival at Queen’s Park yesterday.  I mean, here are a bunch of potheads (the most latent humans you will EVER encounter), MAKING AN IMPACT.  I figure if they can do it… so can I.

But then again, even the most silent of us has an impact…

My mom would have turned 58 today….and she inspires me still… I’m working on a birthday present for her, I have a start, but I want to make it really special.. but today is also Emma’s First Communion 🙂

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